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About us

About us

We are a services company focused on transforming business performance by automating processes and employing digital labor for a wide range of industries.

Automating processes is in our DNA

We support our clients from the creation of a roadmap towards the digital transformation of their operations, to the implementation and support of their automations supported by different types of platforms.

Digital Workforce to increase productivity.

Using software robots, chatbots and artificial intelligence, our clients can delegate their tasks to an autonomous digital workforce, increasing productivity and service capacity.

Our Clients

They have believed in our talent.

You are interested

Converse with your customers naturally on any digital channel and resolve their queries instantly. Manage knowledge without technical expertise, learn from every interaction, and deliver an amazing experience every day.

If your customers love WhatsApp, why not serve them there too? It doesn’t matter if they write a message or send an audio, the bot understands the intention behind their questions and solves them instantly, any day and time.

  • Multilanguage (+50 languages)
  • Normalization and automatic correction
  • Informing language and regionalisms
  • Contextualization and memory
  • Emojis and voice messages
  • Semantic identification of intent
  • Disambiguation and suggestions
  • Conditions – Personalized experience

Improve customer service

  • Omnicanal
  • 24/7 without wasting time
  • Improve CSAT and NPS

Sales Growth

  • Sell a solution or product
  • Qualify your customers
  • Quick onboarding of a new client
  • Increase revenue for each account (up/cross selling)

Better operating costs

  • Decrease AHT (Automatic and LiveAgent)
  • Reduce cross channel support
  • Increase self-service

Other functionalities of an Agentbot

  • Prediction-based Machine Learning
  • PLN based on Deep Learning
  • Semantic identification of intent
  • Disambiguation and suggestions
  • Contextualization and memory
  • Content importer from Excel or Zendesk Guide
  • Marketplace with content packages pre-assembled by industries and events
  • Push and Pull information from any API or Web Service
  • Automated support tickets with Zendesk Support and Salesforce
  • Satisfaction survey
  • FAQ in the start window
  • Downloadable reports and automatic report sending by email

Without a digital execution strategy, you won’t be able to absorb the volume

Of tasks that comes and your level of portfolio recovery will drop


  • The general management is not going to give you more budget, but they expect you to reduce the arrears and now you have a larger collection portfolio and more procedures to do
  • Instead of having your agents most of the time on the phone negotiating with clients, they are doing manual tasks that steal management time.
  • You also have a large number of additional manual tasks due to the new changes in procedures and collection policies
  • You are concerned about the reclassification of your portfolio and how to serve each segment with a differentiated strategy
  • With so many changes, how are you going to effectively measure your agents, even if some of them work remotely.
  • How are you going to increase the number of effective contacts in the same time? without achieving this, your attention queue only grows
  • How are you going to reduce the time it takes to locate information that customers ask for when today you have to go to multiple systems?
  • How do you anticipate and intervene with the client before he falls into default?


We carry out a consultative process where we help you raise your collection strategies

We support the execution of these strategies with our technological platform either in the cloud or from your facilities

We synchronize the information of accounts receivable and collection management…. You don’t have to wait at the end of the month or do manual procedures, we have several ways to help you.

We provide management indicators to allow you to measure and adjust your strategies progressively while you achieve your goals.

  • You do not have to wait for the end of the month to have updated information from the IT area
  • You do not have to run multiple reports to find out about the status of your portfolio and the performance of your agents
  • You do not have to spend long hours accommodating excel files for interfaces and coordination of collection agents
  • You will be able to have a clear vision of collection management and you will feel that you are in control

It allows you to segment your portfolio of delinquent accounts and parameterize different strategies for each type of segmentation that you define, thus automating and standardizing your collection processes.

Master: The Software Brain Here you will be able to segment your portfolio and define strategies for each segment through simple parameters.

Clients A complete x-ray of the position of your clients in relation to their debts acquired with the company.

Management: The strategies defined through dynamic and static work lists are managed, which can be assigned to a group of people or to a specific person.

Operational Designed for the administration of operational tasks derived from the collection actions of the institution, through workflows.

Legal It will facilitate the management of your legal processes. A follow-up workflow according to the defined activities.

Metrics You will be able to generate management indicators to manage the collection actions executed through the other modules.

Mostly the automations considered how you can do your job with fewer steps (but you still had to do a lot of the tasks) Now with RPA we are «delegating» some of our repetitive and monotonous tasks to a virtual worker, freeing us to do more relevant and impactful tasks.

The robots can imitate from a simple click to complex processes of more than 400 steps.

Imagine in how many areas of a company we can find examples of simple tasks that are done repetitively and take time to do; are tasks that a robot can perform for your staff, for example:

  • Copy and paste data between systems
  • Navigate between screens and forms
  • Interact with systems as people would
  • Extract data from scanned documents
  • Create and edit files
  • read and write emails
  • Consolidate data and put together reports
  • Make decisions based on rules
  • Improvements in compliance (92%)
  • Improved quality and accuracy (90%)
  • Improved productivity (86%)
  • Cost Reduction (59%)
  • Deployment speed.
  • Risk reduction.
  • Reduction of workloads.
  • Increase in employee satisfaction.
  • It favors the standardization of processes and procedures.