Robotic Process Automation (RPA + AI)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA + AI)

Delegate your repetitive tasks to a software robot and increase your productivity.   Schedule a meeting with us and let’s get started on the road to automation with digital workers.

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Delega tus tareas repetitivas a un robot de software y aumenta tu productividad.   Agende con nosotros una reunión y comencemos el camino de la automatización con trabajadores digitales.

O contáctenos:  email: [email protected] | tel: +507-66741421

Diariamente buscaba en diferentes sistemas información para mis análisis y coordinación de tareas del equipo, ahora un robot realiza esto por mi y tengo más tiempo para aportarle a mi equipo.


Mayormente las automatizaciones consideraban como puedes hacer tu trabajo con menos pasos (pero aún así tenías que hacer gran parte de las tareas).  Ahora con RPA estamos “delegando” algunas de nuestras tareas repetitivas y monótonas a un trabajador virtual, liberándonos para hacer tareas de mayor relevancia e impacto.

Mostly automations considered how you can do your job with fewer steps (but you still had to do most of the tasks).  Now with RPA we are “delegating” some of our repetitive and monotonous tasks to a virtual worker, freeing us to do tasks of greater relevance and impact.

Robots can mimic anything from a simple click to complex 400+ step processes.


Imagine in how many areas of a company we can find examples of simple tasks that are done repetitively and take time to do; these are tasks that a robot can perform for your staff, for example:

  • Copying and pasting data between systems
  • Navigate between screens and forms
  • Interacting with systems as people do
  • Extract data from scanned documents
  • Create and edit files
  • Read and write emails
  • Consolidate data and build reports
  • Make decisions based on rules


  • Improved compliance (92%)
  • Improved quality and accuracy (90%)
  • Improved productivity (86%)
  • Cost reduction (59%)
  • Speed of implementation.
  • Risk reduction.
  • Reduced workloads.
  • Increased employee satisfaction.
  • Favors the standardization of processes and procedures.

Bank Reconciliation: A common example for all companies.

All companies receive money in their bank account and match the entries with the accounts receivable.  This is a repetitive and structured process that can be delegated to a robot.


It often happens that there are payments that arrive incomplete, that came in before receiving an invoice or that come from a new source, these exceptions are typically handled by a user and the rest are processed by a robot.

Step 1

Every day at 2:00 a.m. the robot starts the process automatically.

Step 2

The robot enters the online banking with the login and password and answers the security questions.  It navigates and downloads all account statements as if it were a person.

Step 3

The robot consolidates the account statements and builds the upload file for importing records into the accounting system.

Step 4

Robot uploads 100% of the bank’s transactions to the accounting system.

It applies the business rules to reconcile each bank entry.

Step 5

When the user arrives at the office, he already has a report from the robot with everything he did and the exceptions that need to be processed by the user.


Con un equipo de profesionales podemos apoyarle en la automatización inteligente de sus procesos, desde talleres de inducción hasta la asistencia post-producción.   Con personal certificado en diferentes plataformas RPA y la experiencia de haber implementado más de 80 bots podemos ayudarle en sus proyectos de automatización con RPA (Robotic Process Automation).


  • Consulting for the implementation of your digital transformation and hyperautomation plans supported by technologies such as:

– Artificial Intelligence (AI)

– Machine Learning (ML)

– Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

– Intelligent Business Managemente (iBPMS)

  • Identification, analysis, prioritization and documentation of candidate processes to be automated.
  • Creation of RPA Center of Excellence


  • Licensing and Implementation of bots with Automation Anywhere, Softomotive (Process Robots, Winautomation) and UiPath platforms.
  • We design your architecture OnPremise or in the Cloud to ensure scalability and execution security.

We provide training on Automation Anywhere, Softomotive (Process Robots, Winautomation) and UiPath


  • 1st and 2nd level support for your bots, facilitating adjustments due to changes in the bot environment or new business rules.

DevOps: We can manage your environments (development, test, production) and support you with change management and requirements to the business areas.