Ominchannel Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Driven Customer Service

Expand your customer service

Schedule a meeting with us to automate customer service and revolutionize your customer experience on Whatsapp with the AI powered conversational bot.

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Expande tu servicio al cliente

Agende con nosotros una reunión para automatiza la atención al cliente y revolucionar la experiencia de tus clientes en Whatsapp con el bot conversacional con Inteligencia Artificial.

O contáctenos:  email: [email protected] | tel: +507-66741421

La implementación de un chatbot nos permite ofrecer un medio seguro para que nuestros clientes manejen su relación dónde, cómo y cuándo quieran. La adopción de WhatsApp ha sido realmente asombrosa.


Dialogue with your customers naturally on any digital channel and solve their queries instantly. Manage knowledge without technical expertise, learn from every interaction and deliver an amazing experience every day.

If your customers love WhatsApp, why not serve them there too?  No matter if they write a message or send an audio, the bot understands the intent behind their questions and resolves them instantly, any day, any time.

Conversational experience with AI


  • Multilanguage (+50 languages)
  • Automatic normalization and correction
  • Informational language and regionalisms
  • Contextualization and memory
  • Emojis and voice messages
  • Semantic identification of intent
  • Disambiguation and suggestions
  • Conditions – Personalized experience


Improved customer service

  • Omnichannel
  • 24/7 with no downtime
  • Improved CSAT and NPS

Sales Growth

  • Sell a solution or product
  • Qualify your customers
  • Rapid onboarding of a new customer
  • Increase revenue for each account (up/cross selling)


Improve operating costs

  • Decrease AHT (Automatic and LiveAgent)
  • Reduce cross channel support
  • Increase self-service

Other functionalities of an Agentbot

Machine Learning based on prediction
Deep Learning-based PLN
Semantic identification of interaction
Disambiguation and suggestions
Contextualization and memory
Content importer from Excel or Zendesk Guide
Marketplace with pre-assembled content packages by industries and events
Push and Pull information from any API or Web Service
Automated support ticketing with Zendesk Support and Salesforce
Satisfaction survey
Frequently asked questions in the home window
Downloadable reports and automatic report sending by email


Not tech savvy? No problem. Our platform allows you to manage the knowledge and design the experience in a simple way. You can manually upload questions, import content (from Excel or Zendesk Guide), and even add a pre-built content package.

Conversational AI

Natural Conversations


Give your bot a touch of personality and converse as if it were a person. The conversational engine is specialized in customer service in +50 languages. Its multiple AI technologies allow it to interact in an unstructured way, interpret informal language, mistakes, regionalisms, emojis and voice messages for a natural communication.

Conversation orchestrator

The Agent, more important than ever


Value your agents’ time. AgentBot’s Conversation Controller diverts the session to a live chat only when necessary, offering a transparent Bot-Human-Bot experience. The agent will receive the chat history and customer profile to serve the customer in a personalized way. When the agent finishes, the session returns to the bot to continue the service.


Improve with every unresolved interaction


We simplify the evolution of your bot. The Learning tool collects unanswered questions and organizes them according to date and frequency. Discover new content for your bot and evolve based on what your customer needs.