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Delegate your purchase order processing to a software robot and increase your productivity. Schedule a meeting with us and let’s get started on the road to automation with digital workers.

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Delega el procesamiento de tus órdenes de compra a un robot de software y aumenta tu productividad. Agende con nosotros una reunión y comencemos el camino de la automatización con trabajadores digitales.

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Diariamente buscaba en diferentes sistemas información para mis análisis y coordinación de tareas del equipo, ahora un robot realiza esto por mi y tengo más tiempo para aportarle a mi equipo.

Currently, many companies around the world want to process their orders as fast as possible, but many times they are immersed in manual reviews and validations of the content of the purchase order, which is impossible to streamline this function, and as more orders come in, more staff has to process these orders increasing their operating costs, instead of involving more staff in the sales management.


At Bprosys we are experts in improving this type of processes because we have technology that mimics the way your staff reviews and validates the purchase orders they receive, and then register them in their systems or manage them for inconsistencies, and thus free your staff of these tasks, and they can focus more on selling.


We automate your entire process by applying software robots (RPA – Robotic Process Automation) and Artificial Intelligence in this kind of process.


Receive many purchase orders per month in different formats (.doc, xls, html, scanned documents like .pdf, tiff, jpg, etc.) and have staff reading and interpreting the order to process it.

They cannot change the way the customer sends them the purchase order or put a system in place.

They have delays in processing the order because there is not always someone available to take care of it.

They take up a professional’s time processing the order, when they would like them to spend more time selling.

– In some cases, they have to go to their customer’s portal to download the purchase order and change the status in their customer’s system, taking up more time.

They have multiple rules and validations to consider to accept the purchase order.

All orders are manually recorded in the company’s ERP, generating potential data transfer errors.

They have no performance metrics, errors or opportunities for improvement.

They have to stay late to process all orders, when many are cashiering and repetitive.

They are looking to automate their purchase order processing to streamline their order processing, reduce errors and have more of their agents’ time available for other activities.

How do we get your purchase orders processed automatically?

Companies have a staff assigned to process their orders for products and services, and thus achieve the automation of purchase orders, and what many times do not know or have understanding is that we must have the ability to delegate the tasks involved from the time a purchase order is received, until the entry is given in the ERP (Accounting System of the company) or returned to the customer for corrections, to have a more appropriate process.

We apply RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology.

RPA is an emerging technology that allows us through software to mimic the behavior of people interacting on the computer. Let’s see what tasks we do to process purchase orders automatically.

Receive the purchase order

  • A software robot can read the mailbox and recognize that the purchase order has arrived and process it immediately.
  • Those customers who send us a notification to then enter their portal and download the purchase orders, with the robot we can also make it enter the different portals and download the purchase order.

Validate content

  • Orders can arrive with different types of files (pdf, jpg, tiff, etc) and with different types of formats.
  • We apply artificial intelligence on purchase orders so that the software can “recognize” where each piece of information is, which you need to identify to validate the content.
  • This way it does not matter if two customers call the Order Number field differently or if they are located in different places on the sheet, by applying artificial intelligence in purchase orders we can recognize and extract the information.
  • Already with the identified data we perform the validations that are executed today, for example:

– Valid product code

– Valid product price

– Valid payment term

– Order number submitted

– New or existing customer

– etc.


Assistance for borderline cases

  • We are sure to receive purchase orders that are poorly scanned, blurred, poor quality data or data that is so different that a software alone will not be able to recognize it.
  • In these cases, the system shows the user the data it recognized and the data it cannot find, so that the user identifies them and the model learns so that the next similar case the model will already know how to identify the information.

Register in your ERP

  • Regardless of your accounting system (SAP, Oracle, Epicor, JD Edwards, Softland, Oddo, Custom Development, etc), a robot will be able to do the sequence of steps and validations that your team performs to register that purchase order in your accounting system.

Validar contenido

  • Las órdenes pueden llegar con diferentes tipos de archivos (pdf, jpg, tiff, etc) y con diferentes tipos de formatos.
  • Aplicamos inteligencia artificial en órdenes de compra para que el software pueda “reconocer” donde está cada porción de información, que usted necesita identificar para validar el contenido.
  • De esta forma no importa si dos clientes le llaman diferente al campo Nro de Orden o si están situados en lugar diferentes en la hoja, al aplicar inteligencia artificial en órdenes de compra logramos reconocer y extraer la información.
  • Ya con los datos identificados realizamos las validaciones que hoy ejecutan, por ejemplo:
  • Código de producto válido
  • Precio del producto válido
  • Término de pago válido
  • Nro de orden presenté
  • Es cliente nuevo o existente
  • etc

Asistencia para casos bordes

  • Seguro vamos recibir órdenes de compra que están mal escaneadas, datos borrosos, de baja calidad o datos que son tan distintos que un software por sí solo no podrá reconocer
  • En estos casos, el sistema le muestra al usuario los datos que reconoció y los datos que no logra encontrar, para que sea el usuario quien los identifique y así, el modelo aprende para que el siguiente caso similar ya sepa el modelo cómo identificar la información

Registrar en su ERP

  • Independientemente cual sea su sistema contable (SAP, Oracle, Epicor, JD Edwards, Softland, Oddo, Desarrollo a la medida, etc), un robot podrá hacer la secuencia de pasos y validaciones que su equipo realiza para registrar esa orden de compra en su sistema de contabilidad.
  • De acuerdo al tipo de producto y servicio en la orden, podríamos enviar respuestas automatizadas o incluso aprovisionar servicios, agilizando aún más el proceso

Generate invoice

  • Already with all the previous data done, the robot could generate the invoice in your accounting system and send the copy to your customer and area in charge.
Your final applied process could look like this:

What benefits can you expect from this automation?

  • Achieve high accuracy and eliminate human error.
  • Reduce invoice processing time from days to minutes.
  • Secure early payment discounts.
  • Save on labor costs by eliminating manual data entry and review.
  • Redirect the accounting team to more business-critical tasks.

Why choose us?

Lowest implementation risk

  • 10 years automating business processes in Latam
  • 4 years in RPA projects, more than 60 bots on Microsoft platform (we know about this)
  • We have implemented multiple processes similar to yours (we will guide you)

The best guarantees

  • If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay us, it’s that simple.
  • There is a “team” behind your implementation (we leave nothing to chance).
  • You have up to 12 months to use up your bag of hours.
  • We have dedicated staff to support you once you go into production (we will take care of you)

Best value for your investment

Our customers are looking for more bang for their buck, not just less cost.


  • We amortize your investment up to 6 months
  • We provide an additional 40 hours (free of charge) for post-production changes and enhancements
  • Support hours can also be used for changes/improvements/projects

– We train to develop with RPA on your actual systems and process vs. generic training

What are the next steps?

Step 1

Let’s have a meeting to understand your particular case.

Let’s have a meeting to understand your particular case, we want to know about the types of purchase orders or purchase orders you receive, the formats of these documents and your end systems that we will interact with.

Step 2

Let’s do a test with your data, let’s take a sample of purchase orders and show you the steps automatically with your actual documents and systems.

Step 3

Let’s confirm the scope of the automation.

Let’s confirm the scope of automation you want to achieve and your budget.

Step 4

We receive your purchase order to start allocating resources to your project.

Step 5

Depending on your project, between 2-5 weeks we have the solution implemented.

Step 6

We accompany you with support, changes and improvements during the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are many options and it will all depend on your particular scenario and the types of documents and validation process, this is why we represent several software solutions to accommodate the best option for our clients.
  • To arrive at a final value, we do a no-cost consultative process so that you can see the details of what you will be investing in and your options.
  • Low complexity and low volume projects can have investment values as low as US$7,000.00.

Yes, the best Artificial Intelligence components have the ability to recognize handwriting

The software tells the responsible user in your company that it needs help in recognizing a piece of information, the user enters the system, relates it and the model learns again.

Everything a robot does, we can record it in a log or take out a report. We always check with the compliance area on how they need their information for auditing and reports are produced automatically.

We represent and implement several brands of Robots and AI solutions. The recommendation of one brand over another is going to depend on your business scenario, your budget and the features you are looking for in a platform beyond your 1st process.

Yes, to buy price list or particular quotations, you just need to define where the information reference will be, it can be an Excel sheet, a shared folder, a database or a system you have to keep the quotations.

Surely yes, it is common RPA projects (software robots) when you want to integrate to an ERP (accounting system) and you do not have (or are not allowed) to integrate with the programmed integration methods, that is why instead of going “below” (database, api, dll’s) go above (through the screens), as we do people.

Yes, the case presented here is about purchase orders, however we can apply the same principles for scenarios such as:

– Recording of expense receipts

– Invoice processing

– Contract interpretation

– Service order processing

The implementation is done on an automation platform and we configure your process to this platform, so we make the solution fit your policies and procedures. When our customers change their processes, it is because they find with the robot a better way and vary their procedures because now people do fewer tasks.

Yes, we have customers who call us because they already have their RPA but they have not done projects of applied Artificial Intelligence and they want to start, we can help them with our services.




Delegate the processing of your purchase orders to a software robot and increase your productivity.

Schedule a meeting with us and let’s start the automation journey with digital workers.

Or contact us: email: [email protected] | phone: +507-66741421

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