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2018: The year of technology and the evolution of corporate management control.

2018: The year of technology and the evolution of corporate management control.

Management control is defined as an administrative process that fulfills the function of evaluating and measuring the degree of compliance with the objectives established by a commercial or non-profit organization.



With the arrival of 2018, certain trends in management measurement have begun to emerge, which have had an impact on the thinking of economists and businessmen. They came to the conclusion that, within the operation of the new business models of the present, there is little disposition for the evaluation and control of management by its personnel, and a marked tendency to hire outsourced entities that carry out the measurement of management control with much greater technique, experience and specialized technology for this purpose.


Accuracy and quality: Technologies applied to management control


Within the trend mentioned above, there is also the implementation and application of new tools to automate or facilitate this type of measurement. Although the so-called digital tools, although they do not replace human presence, seek to automate data capture and simplify data processing, supported by software or digital applications specifically designed for this purpose, thus, the whole process of capture, measurement and comparison of results, is done in an assisted and expeditious manner.




The main benefits of these technological tools are as follows:



  1. Unlike the analysis applied by models performed exclusively by the human calculation of an auditor, these thinking systems of digital origin, capture and are able to display accurately the data related to the sector or department studied, reflecting safely the statistics to be presented to a board of directors or management committee for timely or collegial decision making.
  2. The support that automated systems provide to business management processes, undoubtedly allow energy and time savings within the traditional operation of any company, also allows employees designated to this area, to concentrate their efforts exclusively on data analysis and strategic planning.
  3. Finally, when hiring an outsourced service oriented to the management or quality control of any specific sector of a company, usually, these providers handle updated technologies that will focus on the particular needs of the client, which makes this type of professional support in a proposed system adaptable to the model and strategic objectives of the business to be studied.

For this reason and more, it is recognized that the means of automation of these tasks have become one of the practically mandatory options for the safe and sustained growth of any company.