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Most common hiring trends process of 2023

After the pandemic in 2020, retaining qualified staffing or a company full of talent with all the positions covered has become even more challenging. The main question is, how can you attract and retain employees who are the most wanted talent into your company?

There are some companies out there that already found a solution to this situation and have created new strategies when it comes to hiring talent.

In this article you’ll find some hiring trends that have been proven to increase the attraction and retention rate so you can use them to your advantage.

The Influence of the Pandemic in the Hiring Trends Process.

Job hunting has changed after the pandemic since it was considered a luxury to work from home, but today’s market has shown that many people choose to look for jobs where they don’t have to commute or can work from anywhere they want. An easy way to prove this is the rather new LinkedIn job filter with the remote/ hybrid option.

Curiously, working from home has also benefited employers since studies and reports have illustrated that people with remote jobs tend to work around 48 mins more per day more than people who’re working on-site. Professionals say that this is due to the fact that employees save energy and money without commuting to their jobs, allowing them to feel more comfortable and improving their sleeping schedules, as a consequence, their focus capabilities have also increased.

Besides working from home, the pandemic also influenced people to finish their studies, or to look for their dream job. For this reason, most talent has turned way more strict when choosing a role and also they may look for some room to work on their personal growth.

The pandemic also left companies missing the optimal personnel to perform their best, this also the reason for a huge change in the hiring process.

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The way hiring has changed

Since employee’s dreams have changed, most companies have encountered a new challenge, to completely fill their staffing needs. Because of this, businesses have been forced to improve their hiring processes.

There’s no room for desk hiring managers and a lot of papers with applications from random candidates. In fact, now hiring managers are out there hunting any suitable talent.

Furthermore, hiring managers are also making sure that the candidate is not seduced by another opportunity. So, they are competing against each other for the best candidates.

Companies need to make changes to their hiring process to attract premium candidates. 

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