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Reasons Why Hiring In-house Can Damage your Business


It could be seen as cheaper and easier to manage in-house hiring as quick project staffing, reports have shown that this can result in not-good-enough fits for the role you’re hiring due to candidates without the skills needed for the role.

The importance of looking for a staffing service remarks in looking for recruiting high-quality talent, more than filling a position that it’s going to be replaced in a few months.

Therefore, these are the reasons why hiring in-house can damage your business

Higher attrition

One single person you choose wrong might hurt the team engagement and lastly boost the attrition inside your business. Not finding the best staffing service can increment the costs of replacing one person and financially affect your company.

Here is a simple statistic of the costs of hiring staffing

  • Hourly employees: $1500
    • Tech positions: 100% – 150% of an employee’s salary
    • C-suite positions: 213% of the employee’s salary

Decrease productivity

Companies that use in-house hiring usually deliver this task to their current HR department, and they have to fulfill this requirement while doing their daily job. This becomes an important time investment as exposed below:

Selecting the job platforms where to post the opportunity. Time investment: 3-4 hours. It takes research to make the right choice and a lot of time to pick the right platform to post the job opening since there are several job portals to post positions.

1) Opportunity upload: Time investment: 1 hour. Building from scratch an accurate job description and walking through different portals require different processes. There’s no magical “post” button.

2) Candidates shortlisting: Time investment: 20 hours. (Based on 300 connections) This is one of the most challenging events when a company is hiring. Usually, there are a lot of different applications, with several profiles. The review can take several hours and choosing who to contact for the next step could be compared to finding four leaf clovers, even spending those hours is no guarantee of finding the right fit.

3) Screening: Time investment: 20 hours. Managing a calendar, finding the time to interview people, checking their references, and finally completing an interview.
Invested time: 45 hours.

High operational costs.

The financial investment brought by hiring a new person is not only reduced to screening, interviewing, onboarding, and paying them. This involves including a new person on your payroll and paying benefits. Nevertheless, it is important to point out that there’s a risk in covering unemployment costs and compensations.

Transferring this responsibility to a reliable partner can allow you to focus on your core business. In Bprosys we can help you to find the best candidates for your company.

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